Yadav Group

From the beginning, Shri Ram Ji Lal Yadav, Founder, Yadav Group of Companies surrounded himself with the kind of people who had big ideas and weren't afraid to take risk and bring those ideas to life. Since the company’s inception in 1965, it has left an indelible mark in every sector of it’s operations.

Under his powerful aegis and direction served by his son later, Shri Rajinder Singh Yadav, the Yadav Group, today has transformed from a home-grown business to a reputable conglomerate elevated and been guided by leaders Shri Madhur Yadav and Shri Tribhuvan Yadav, his sons, who constantly inspire us to achieve the next level of success.

In addition to creating development and advancement opportunities for thousands of employees of the group, Yadav Industries also creates economic opportunity for people and businesses all along our supply chains.We have transcended traditional barriers of business with an imprint of our footprints in sectors like education, flour mills, transportation, and warehousing. Currently, we operate our facilities in Kundli (Haryana), Badli (Delhi), and Kotputli (Rajasthan), and a quaint town in Uttrakhand.

Beyond promoting local manufacturing, we champion supplier diversity and help suppliers and small businesses grow. Our constant endeavors lead us to enhance our product diversification with the sole objective of serving our customers in a more responsible. As a corporate enterprise, we sincerely undertake our social responsibilities to conserve the environment and reach out to every echelon of society.

Group Philosophy

With an inherent quality of ethics, we are responsible for promoting Yadav Group’s culture of integrity. This includes the quest for excellence in everything we do, and upholding policies for ethical behaviour for all our stakeholders, everywhere we operate.

Our Guiding Principles :

For over 20 years, Yadav Group has marched ahead with a relentless approach towards making lives better. Our guiding principles play a pivotal role in every corporate voyage. We lay impetus on our people, processes, and products. Our workforce is our strength, processes make us what we are, and products define the perceptions of our customers.

Global Values:

  • Serves as a guide and resource for ethical decision making amongst its People.
  • Provides a confidential quality and service check for each finished Product.
  • Leads a continuing communication and feedback system to make our Products better.

Our inherent entrepreneurial fortitude has led to business excellence by delivering value to every customer. In the quest for excellence, we have discovered a unique business model that thrives on innovation and leadership with trust.



At Yadav Group, we incessantly endeavor to expand our horizon and emerge stronger than ever as an enterprise. Our mission is to build better products and provide inimitable services to our customers. We work closely with our stakeholders and partners to optimize our industry performances and reach out to a wider base of consumers globally.


Growth in a socially responsible way by deploying sustainable and ethical business practices in our areas of operations. With a goal to bring positive changes, we strive to shape a contented future with our smart solutions and comprehensive range of products.


Our objectives reflect the mission and vision of our founders. We are committed to evolve as a corporate entity. At the same time, our guiding principles are undeterred and closely intertwined into our corporate fabric.

We always focus on value creation for our customers. Hence, we believe in the deliverance of quality in every product or service provided by us. Quality is the cornerstone of our growth. And, our commitments are the pillars of our sustenance. Hence, we abide by our words. We never compromise with our work ethics and this steadfast dedication defines our success.